NotesGoddess is a pseudonym I assumed many years ago when demo-ing software while delivering training classes.  It’s stuck as a fun nickname, so I kept it.  It’s fun when I’ve done work-related stuff well and hilarious when I mess things up.  I’ve been blogging since 2005 off and on, some years more than others.  I work for IBM, but this blog is my own.  The opinions are my own and the content is my own.  Who I really am is Susan Bulloch, with IBM since 2000 and in the banking and utility industries as a computer geek or Mechanical Engineer since for more decades than I care to count.  I have been a road warrior for IBM until a few years ago when I ran out of gas.  Now I’m working remotely in Level 2 Support and while it is a TON of work, I’m having a blast.